How to check for bed bug signs

How to check for bed bug signs

How to tell if you have bed bugs at home


BITES : Bed bugs like to bite on arms, legs, hands, feet and necks, where they can easily find small capillaries and feed on your blood.

BLOOD STAINS : During the night, bed bugs can spill some blood and leave stains on the sheets or duvet.

DROPPINGS : Bed bugs leave their droppings around their hiding places. Look for small black spots on surfaces, furniture, and textiles, especially near your bed.

ODOR : Bed bugs give off a characteristic, slightly sweet but unpleasant odor. Although virtually imperceptible to humans unless the infestation is severe, there are canine units specially trained for this purpose.

SKIN SHEDDINGS : As bed bugs grow from one stage to another, they develop a new skin. The old skin is shed and left behind.

LIVE or DEAD BED BUGS : They are very small and difficult to see as they are pretty good at hiding. But if you look in the right places, you can find their hideouts.

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