Pest Control for Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Pest Control for Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Your pest free supermarkets and hypermarkets

In a supermarket/hypermarket there is food and drink everywhere, this scalps a perfect environment for pests. Anticimex is ready to become your partner in pest control and food safety to prevent and protect your supermarket/hypermarket from pests.

Pest Control in the food retail sector is essential. If you do not carry out specific preventive and corrective actions for pest control, you run serious risks of offering contaminated products and food to your customers that affecting your reputation and subjecting you to very high losses.

With Anticimex, pests are not part of your stock

Our pest control service in supermarket/hypermarket offers a complete periodic follow-up with audits of the installation. The measures we adopt to carry out excellent pest control in supermarket/hypermarket are based on the priority respect for the environment; therefore, we use biocide-free but 100% effective products, preventing pests from being part of your stock.

Prevention is our main product to protect your inventory

One of the most obvious needs of pests is to find a food source nearby. Supermarkets and hypermarkets have stored products and that is the first point to be considered when controlling pests in supermarkets.

Pest Control in hypermarkets and supermarkets must be focused on prevention and there must be continuous monitoring of its facilities to solve any pest problem before it occurs. For this reason, at Anticimex we prioritize preventive measures that are respectful with the environment and that combine with high technology to have greater control and security.

State-of-the-art technology for Preventive Pest Control

The consequences of not performing good Pest Control in the supermarkets and hypermarkets can be devastating. That is why at Anticimex we not only solve the problem when it is detected, but we also try to anticipate through prevention.

We can detect any indication of the creation of pests in any area of ​​the supermarket/hypermarket. In addition, we adapt preventive Pest Control measures to your business specifications, offering biocide-free solutions with minimal environmental impact whenever possible.

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