Anticimex Disinfection Solutions

The leader of disinfection service in Malaysia. Anticimex can disinfect your office and workplace by delivering your choice of either broad-spectrum disinfection misting services or antimicrobial eco-film coating services.

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Anticimex Disinfection Misting Service  

Anticimex can disinfect your office and workplace by delivering a broad-spectrum disinfection misting services which targets both surfaces and inaccessible areas. Read more.

Anticimex Antimicrobial Eco-Film Coating Service


Anticimex can protect and sterilise your office and workplace by applying an antimicrobial eco-film coating targeting all surfaces and hard to reach areas. Read more.


Modern Pest Control in Malaysia

Anticimex is one of the largest pest control companies in the world. We use modern pest control methods by utilizing new technologies, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable solutions. We have 150 branches with around 6,500 trusted experts serving 3 million customers in 18 countries worldwide.

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Anticimex SMART

Anticimex Smart is an intelligent system that keeps an eye on things you don't want to see. By constantly monitoring and instantly reacting, it prevents costly infestations in an environmentally-friendly way. Add the services traditionally provided by us, and you will get a solution that gives you the best of two worlds - automation and expertise.