SMART Connect

SMART Connect

The product consists of a single master control box, which connects and controls up to 50 SMART units. The system creates its own wireless network without interfering other existing networks at the site. It forwards information from traps and sensors to the SMART data hub over the mobile network.

SMART Connect is wall mounted indoors and connected directly to the main 230V electric circuit. In the case of a power failure, the unit has a built-in rechargeable backup battery.

It’s ideal for use in food processing and manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, as well as in and around apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, government properties and many other areas. At any site, that has a need to monitoring pest activities and protect against them entering the building.

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SMART Connect

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The Anticimex Smart system has been developed by our R&D team at the Anticimex Innovation Center, based in Denmark. The system and its devices make use of cutting-edge and unique technologies.

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