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Termites are pests because they feed voraciously on wood and may also destroy paper products such as books, cardboard, boxes and a variety of other items.

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About Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are a group of highly destructive social insect pests that inhabit the urban environment. It has a highly organized system of dividing functions and tasks within the colony which is refer to its castes. The basic castes in a colony divide as Queens, Kings, Alates, Soldiers and Workers. They nest beneath the soil and dependent on soil for moisture, which are differ from dry-wood termites and damp-wood termites. In some instances, they may build a subsidiary nest that may not require contact with the ground, particularly where there is reliable moisture source. Hence, a subsidiary nest can be established anywhere, including top floors of high-rise buildings.

Effective subterranean termite control relies on knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits.

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Preventive Treatment against Subterranean Termite

Soil Treatment (Pre-Construction)

Soil treatment involves treating the compacted soil and/or hardcore within the build-in area with a non-repellent termiticide solution during construction stage. This non-repellent termiticide is environmental friendly, provides Colony Management and also a 5-year Structural Protection with maximum Peace of Mind.

Products (Pre-Construction)

Trithor Termite Protection System
– Physical Barrier for pre-construction Green Mark Certification

– Physical Barrier for pre-construction Green Mark Certification

Exterra Baiting System
– Baiting System for post-construction Green Mark Certification

Termite Reticulated Piping System
– The reticulation system is a network of underground specially designed pipes to induce termiticide uniformly throughout the building’s foundations.


Corrective Treatment (Post-Construction)

Corrective treatment provides total protection of buildings that were not chemically soil treated during construction stage or the soil treatment was done some years back and the chemical effect has already been biodegraded. To prevent further subterranean termite invasion to the building, corrective treatment will be recommended. This involve injection of termiticide solution around the external building perimeter by rodding or drilling method.

Regular Inspections

Periodic inspection is recommended if preventive treatment cannot be carried out. Early detection is essential to minimise costly damage and repair from any subterranean termite infestation. Our qualified Thermographers will scan your home with our Thermal Imaging Camera to identify infestation areas and entry points of the subterranean termite. Treatment will then be carried out using either baiting system or dusting.

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