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House Lizards are common problem in every house. These small reptiles are harmless and may help to eliminate small insect in your house. However, they also bring a serious hygiene issue to our living space and for those who are Herpetophobia, house lizard is threatening their life.

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About House Lizards

  • House lizards smell by tasting the air around them.
  • House lizards are fast runner among reptiles, they hunt for cockroaches.
  • House lizards use bite more than tongue to hunt insects.
  • House lizards are well know for entering homes through holes or cracks, they are very intelligent when it comes to finding entrances to your house.
  • House lizards take about 40-60 days to hatch, following by a year to mature and mate.
  • House lizards like to lay eggs in cracks and holes, especially behind cupboard, cabinet which is moisture and basement.
  • House lizards attract to light as they are cold-blooded animals.



Best tips to avoid House Lizards

  • Clean your house to prevent available of food waste because it will attract flies as House Lizards food sources.
  • Clear all the clutter in your house as they like to hide themselves under somethings.
  • Seal all the crack or hole in your house to avoid providing shelter for them.
  • For long term elimination of House Lizard, feel free to contact us !

Harmful Cause of House Lizards

  • House lizards might have Salmonella germs on their bodies even when they appear healthy and clean.
  • House lizards dropping caused hygiene problem and also health problem.

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