Anticimex Featured in Astro as the Disinfectant Heroes

Press release

Anticimex Disinfectant Heroes Fighting Coronavirus in Malaysia

Published on 6 March 2020

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Our Vision

  • To create a society with high awareness and protective measures against the Virus.

Our Mission

  • Prevent and Control spread of Virus diseases. Total eradication of Covid-19.
  • Increase public confidence, promote economic recovery.

Our Action

  • Share knowledge of prevention and control of virus.Assure the well-being of public.
  • Eradicate Virus diseases.


  • 建立一个拥有高度防范病毒意识的社会。


  • 防范肺炎传播,尽早消灭病毒。
  • 恢复大众信心,协助经济复苏。


  • 分享防范病毒意识。
  • 保障公众健康。
  • 消灭有害病毒。

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