Acquisition of Bumipest Sdn. Bhd

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Anticimex Group announces the Acquisition of Bumipest Sdn. Bhd

Published on 1 Sep 2021

Anticimex Group continues its accelerated growth in Malaysia, today announcing the acquisition of Bumipest Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia on the 1st of September 2021.

This acquisition is the fifth addition made by Anticimex in Malaysia since 2017 and continues the groups expansion strategy. Bumipest was established in 1983 as a pest control and fumigation company by a group of pest control specialists and was once known as the Pied Piper of Malaysia after successfully controlling a rat invasion at a feed meal factory. Owners Madame Ch'ng Swee Bee and Madame Yuen Soo Mooi are amongst the original founders of Bumipest and were later joined by Ms. Chan Sook Yeen.

Currently Bumipest has 3 branches in Malaysia focused on pest control and fumigation services located in Penang, Nilai and Kuala Lumpur (HQ), with a team of qualified and certified people running their daily business activities including Ms. Chan Sook Yeen who is also a Licensed Fumigator. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, providing timely and effective services in different areas, has resulted in continuous support and trust from their esteemed long-term customers aiding the continued growth of the business.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Madame Yuen Soo Mooi, Co-Founder Bumipest, said:​​​

“I can finally retire knowing that all of my long serving staff are in good hands with Anticimex. I am confident that Anticimex will provide new opportunities and better benefits to all of them.”

Commenting on today’s announcement, Madame Ch'ng Swee Bee, Co-Founder Bumipest, said:

“I am very reassured that all my loyal customers will enjoy the continuity of better services resulting in continued customer service satisfaction. Anticimex brings professional expertise in areas where Bumipest had limitations.”

Commenting on today’s announcement, Ms. Chan Sook Yeen, Co-Owner Bumipest, said:

“The merger has provided a synergistic effect where our combined talents will generate better results creating increased value and stronger market positioning.”

Commenting on today’s announcement, Marcus Voon, Managing Director Malaysia, said:

“We feel privileged to be the ultimate exit solution for the Bumipest Founders from their 38-year-old company, thus inheriting staff loyalties averaging over 20 years which is priceless. Personally, I believe the core of any sustainable business comes from staff sustainability, when you retain people, their satisfaction is high, and this drives greater sales momentum for a company. I would like to thank the Bumipest owners for the trust they have granted Anticimex to continue serving their loyal employees and long-term customers with our swift decentralised glocal (global company with local decisions) services.

Most importantly, we have one of the Bumipest owners, Ms. Chan Sook Yeen, joining our Malaysia Senior Leadership Team. Her extensive fumigation knowledge and experience will enable us to build stronger fumigation capabilities and compliances for Anticimex Malaysia, offering more options for Malaysia’s premium exporters, importers, and stored product pest fumigation industry requirements.”

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Marcus Voon, Managing Director Malaysia,
Ms Chan Sook Yeen, Co-Owner Bumipest,

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