Another CSR of Anticimex Malaysia to help LP204 Group

The Yellow Shirts, Disinfect to Prevent & Protect Kuala Lumpur Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre from Coronavirus Covid19:

"LP 204’s special project during our AsiaWorks Malaysia training 2 years ago @ Tong Sim Old Folks. The experience we had with these old folks have definitely moved us & awakened us for life. We’ve promised them that we will be back any chance we get.. this year MCO or not, lockdown or not, all it took was just ♥️ heart. Grab bikes from north to south, east to west. Most needed goods delivered! We had managed to get an establishment to sponsor sanitizing services with the little money we raised! 👍🏻

Special thanks to Caring Pharmacy Pavilion CARiNG PHARMACY and Christine in sponsoring delivery fees to our surprise! And a very special thank you to Anticimex Malaysia in sponsoring santizing services too! They covered their services with the little funds we had left!"

--LP204, 16 April 2020

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The Video from YouTube to discribe Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre relationships with The Yellow Shirts - LP204 :

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