Modern Pest Control Company in Malaysia

About Us


Anticimex has been a market leader since it was founded in Sweden in 1934. We have 180 branches with around 7,400 trusted experts serving 3 million customers in 20 countries worldwide. We are one of the largest professional pest control provider in Malaysia.

As a “Modern Pest Control Company”, we utilize the latest technologies, non-toxic, and sustainable solutions developed and proven through extensive research and development. Our focus is on creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

At the heart of Anticimex, are our people and our mutual values: Trust, Innovation, and Passion. By offering excellent service we build long-term relationships based on trust and respect. We continuously strive to improve and innovate our service. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy sharing our knowledge. We are certified with ISO 9001:2015.

With more than 100 employees, Anticimex Malaysia aims to uphold our vision to become the leading international specialist in preventive pest control, embracing new technology and giving our customers peace of mind in their daily lives.



Global leader in preventive control



Trust. Innovation. Passion.


Brand promise

The modern pest control company

We are present in many countries and each country has its own way of doing business. We have different market positions, different types of competitors and differences in our service portfolios. We also have a lot in common – and the common denominator for all countries is pest control. Therefore we have a brand promise which describes who we are and what we do on a global level. Our brand promise is: The modern pest control company. This means that we are the most modern alternative in pest control. Everyone wants to be modern, but our intention is to own the word ‘modern’ in our industry. There is no set definition of ‘modern’, which means that we can make our own – and by doing so, we differentiate ourselves from our competition. Anticimex defines modern as working with prevention, embracing new technology and offering sustainable solutions.

01. We work with prevention

If a problem occurs, our call-outs and treatments are quick and effective. However, the best way to prevent a problem is to ensure that it never happens in the first place. Therefore, we specialise in prevention with the ambition to create environments that are free from pests. Using our experience and different methods we look at the source of a problem and give advice on where we think problems may arise in the future. This approach results in less problems and a more efficient service. When Anticimex was founded in Sweden over 80 years ago, we were the only company in the market guaranteeing our clients a pest-free environment for a fixed rate, rather than charging for one-off treatments. This is the business model we still practice today, and the source behind our emphasis on preventative measures. With time, our business has become wider in scope, but our motto - to prevent and protect - is still in our DNA.

02. We embrace new technology

Embracing new technology allows us to be more efficient, accommodating and more environmentally friendly. For instance, as part of our service Anticimex Smart, we use sensors and traps that do not need to be inspected or emptied continuously. Instead, they are monitored and controlled digitally. We provide new technical solutions, developed through exchanging knowledge globally, in order to detect and solve customers’ problems in both indoor and outdoor environments. And this is just the beginning. Our new technology will continue to increase our offering, ensuring higher levels of service for our customers.

03. We offer sustainable solutions

We strive for sustainable solutions in all that we do. By taking into consideration technical, economical and environmental aspects of sustainability, we can deliver the best solution possible. In doing so, our customers can be assured that what we provide is aimed to last. Technical sustainability means that the knowledge we put into research and development is world-leading, and the know-how which our employees use in delivering our solutions meets future demands. Economical sustainability means that our services for preventive pest control give peace of mind, more for less and an increased profitability in the long term. Environmental sustainability means that we ensure that our customers can meet their environmental commitments and follow the required rules and regulations. With our help, our customers can in turn live up to their customers’ demands for environmental sustainability. Moreover, our solutions always aim to minimise health risks and increase safety.