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Become part of Anticimex - Meet the people who have sold their business to us and get familiar with our approach to mergers and acquisitions.

Become part of Anticimex

Anticimex Global Presence

Today Anticimex have 150 branches in 19 countries spanning across four continents and we are constantly growing from acquisitions of local pest control companies. Many sellers have moved on within Anticimex to find management positions, Branch Manager roles or specialist positions. Others have decided to retire and leave their business in our safe hands after a transition period.

On this page you will be able to meet people who have sold their business to us and also get familiar with our approach to M&A.


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Anticimex Mergers & Acquisitions

We are looking for business with strong local knowledge that can leverage the strength of Anticimex to grow in their market.

Our process for mergers and acquisitions consists of three simple steps: Origination, Execution and Integration.

Will your business be the next to join us? Don’t hesitate to get into touch.